All-New Ion Elite R Front Light

All-New Ion Elite R Front Light


Lasting brightness for the road or trail
The all-new Ion Elite R packs 1000 Lumens of warm light with a wide beam spread to light up any road or trail. The compact design is at home mounted on a helmet or handlebar, and the included hard mount is fully adjustable to fit any handlebars. Ion Elite features 5 modes with a day flash mode for use as a Daytime Running Light that can be seen from 2 km during the day. You can also set the light into trail configuration to use only the steady modes and toggle between low, medium, and high to preserve battery while trail riding.
Lasting Brightness
The Ion 1000 is designed to have Lumens that last. The industry standard for Lumen ratings is the FL1 standard. It relies on a Lumen measurement taken 30 seconds after powering on. We test far beyond the FL1 Standard’s 30 seconds to ensure our lights have meaningful brightness. The Ion Elite is brighter for longer than the competition.
Daytime Running Lights
All Bontrager Daytime Running Lights are designed with a distinctive Flash, Focus, and Range that cuts through distractions to be seen and be noticed by drivers from a meaningful distance. The Ion Elite R can be seen from 2km during the day. When it comes to Daytime Running Lights, not all lights are created equal. Look for the Daytime Running Light mark on Bontrager packaging.
Ion Elite R is USB rechargeable and comes with a micro USB charging cable and adjustable hard mount. The Ion Elite is an addition to the Ion front light family and is also available as a light set with the Flare R City for a complete see and be seen front and rear light solution. 


  • Freddie Pretorius

    Just got mine today. It is truly an amazing light. Thank you so much for recommending it. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Lynette

    This truly are the pinnacle of bike lights at a price that cannot be beaten. Love the clean looks using the blendr mount, and love the fact that there are no loose wires hanging about. Battery life is excellent and seems to be helped a lot with the wireless connection to my garmin 530 controlling the operation. Thanks for the advice. I am very happy with my purchase.

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