Best Value For Money Bike Of 2020?

One of the great things of having a bike shop is that you get to test out a lot of great gear without breaking your bank (or marriage).  When new stuff comes in, it is always nice to see what the guys come up with. 

Last week I got my hands on something really special.  We got in a 2020 Trek X-Caliber 8.  

As this is a family members bike, I got to take it for a spin.  I cannot overstate how surprised I was by this bike.  It feels, accelerates and handles like a carbon bike, yet it is actually very budget friendly.  The kit it comes with is unbelievable value for money at this price point.  I really liked the 30 t front gear coupled with a 12 speed SX eagle.  The result is epic acceleration and easy climbing.  It even comes with a pretty decent wheel set which is almost always absent on bikes below R17K.

Is it perfect for seasoned riders?  Well, that is harder to say.  It is a damn fine bike that most would be very happy with right out of the box, but we all know that we cyclists are a very particular bunch and can be very choosy.  My first picks of things I would change is a lighter crank and some decent clip less pedals.  I also didn't like the slow engaging hub at the back, but that is just personal preference.  

So, is it right for you?  That I cannot say.  What I can definitely recommend is that you make a turn by your nearest Trek dealer and take one for a spin.  I am sure you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.  

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