Cape Winelands Cycling Awards 2019

The following riders qualify for regional colours at the Cape Winelands Award Ceremony on 16 November 2019, held at North NGK Church Hall Wellington, 11 Maccrone Street Wellington, 7655. 

Alex Goetham Regional Track Colours  
Alexander Parsons  Regional Road Colours  
Andrea Schofmann  Regional Road Colours Regional XCM Colours
Anrique Davids Regional XCM Colours  
Ben Lutz Regional XCM Colours  
Bennie Viljoen Regional Road Colours  
Bobby Troskie Regional Road Colours  
Bronwin Adams Regional Track Colours  
Catherine Colyn  Regional Road Colours  
Chanton Perrins Regional Road Colours Regional Track Colours
Charl Swanepoel   Regional Road Colours  
Christelle Joubert Regional XCM full/MTB Half YF  
Christiaan Franken Regional XCM Colours  
Christiaan Joubert Regional XCM /MTB Half YF  
Christo van Den Heever Regional XCM Colours  
Courtney Bowker Regional XCO/XCM Colours  
Danie Marais Regional Road Colours  
Dihann Swart Regional XCM Colours  
Eben Baasden Regional XCM Colours  
Ethan Kulsen Regional Road Colours Regional Track Colours 
Etnard Louw Regional Road Colours  
Francios Coetzee Regional XCM Colours  
Gabbies Joubert Regional XCM Colours  
Gert Heyns Regional MTB Colours  
Graeme Ockhuis Regional Track Colours  
Helgardt Nortjie Regional XCM  Colours  
Isabel Lutz Regional XCM Colours  
JC Jantjies Regional Road Colours  
Johan van Zyl Regional MTB Colours   
Johann Trotzky Regional XCO Colours  
Jonathan Dunkley Regional XCM Colours  
Jordan Bridger                                                        Regional Road Colours  
Kiera Bowker Regional XCO/XCM Colours  
Kieran Droomer Regional XCM Colours  
Louis Terblanche Regional XCM Colours  
Marius Strydom Regional XCM Colours  
Mari-Loiuse Joubert Regional MTB Half Colours YF  
Michael Manefeldt Regional XCM Colours  
Mieke van der Merwe Regional XCM Colours  
Mishka Bridger Regional Road Colours Regional XCM Colours
Mitch Sparrow Regional Track Colours  
Niel de Preez Regional XCM Colours  
Nienke Mostert   Regional Road Colours Regional XCM Colours
Philip van Schalkwyk Regional MTB Colours   
Robert Boucher Regional XCM Colours  
Robert Nieuwenhuizen Regional XCO Colours  
Ruan Nortjie Regional XCM Colours  
Rudi Koen Regional XCM Colours  
Sameul Cleary Regional XCO Colours  
Sune van der Merwe Regional XCM Colours  
Theodore van Wyk Regioanl  XCM Colours  
Tiaan Manefeldt Regional XCM Colours  
Wade Saaiman                                                       Regional Road Half Colours YF Regional Track Colours
Wade Theunissen Regional Track Colours  
WG van der Walt Regional XCM Colours  
Wiehann van Zyl Regional XCM Colours  
Zander de Preez  Regional Road Colours  
Zareef Green Regional Road Colours Regional Track Colours
Officials and Special Awards 2019  
Sammy Hardine  Regional and Western Cape Colours
Steven Adonis  Regional and Western Cape Colours
Elrick Kulsen  Regional and Western Cape Colours
Ian Goetham  Regional Colours  Service Award
Peter Daniels  Regional Colours  Service Award
Willie Barends  Regional Colours Excellence Development Award
Alexander Parsons  Regional Colours Service Certificate
Deon Weideman  Regional Colours Service Certificate
Paul Roos Gimnasium MTB  Regional Colours Special Award
HTS Drosdy Regional  Regional Colours Special Award
Paarl Boys Primary  Regional Colours Special Award


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