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It's not about us...it's all about you, the customer.

We have been in the IT business for what feels like a life-time. Inactive and overweight,  we got into cycling and developed a passion for the sport.

We really love the outdoors, the fresh air and God's beautiful 3d canvas called nature.  Nothing is as relaxing as a evening ride with a picturesque sunset over a hill, or as energizing as a early morning ride where you can taste the freshness in the air while birds greet the sunrise with songs of joy.

Our mission is to share this experience with you,  to equip you with the gear to make your outdoor experience a joyful one.

Our goal is to place quality gear at your fingertips, to deliver the best service to you, our customer, that we possibly can.  We examine every item thoroughly before we send it to help ensure that you are satisfied.  The products we sell is of the highest quality.  We are not interested in selling low quality products as it will lead to unsatisfied customers, and for us, that is the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve.  We want our customers to have the best possible experience when using our products, as this will lead to them loving this sport as much as we do.

Feel free to email or call us if there is a product you would like to order that is related to, but not available on our online store.  We might just have it.  If not, we will make every effort to get it for you.  Check in every week as we will be uploading new products and related news. 

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Cheers and happy cycling.

Marius Strydom

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